The DOT Work Permit

If your license is suspended, all is not lost.  Most people are eligible for a work permit (aka restricted license) after 14 days of hard suspension if you’re on 24/7.  If you’re not on 24/7 you’re usually eligible for a work permit on a 1st DUI/Refusal offense within 7 years after 30 days of hard suspension.  You must apply to obtain your work permit which usually consists of $100.00 fee and some other requirements DOT may impose such as a chemical dependency evaluation and treatment.  An application has been provided to you in this packet and it is important you submit your application as soon as possible because DOT processing can take 14-20 days.

Once you obtain your work permit, be very careful.  Violations of the work permit, to include 24/7 violation if you are on that program, can result in the revocation of that work permit.  Also, note that if you are stopped by the police and subsequently given a citation or charge for driving under the influence after an alcohol related offense, the statute requires four days of jail.  I tell all my clients that if you are stopped by the police and driving with a work permit, you have the right to not answer any questions about where you’re going to or coming from which may give the officer reason to believe you are violating the permit.  Kindly indicate you are represented by Redmann Law, P.C. and indicate you will not answer any questions.  I am more than happy to field phone calls from officers if they have any questions.  Remember to assert your rights but do not be confrontational.  You must provide your identification, registration, and insurance; you must also exit your vehicle if requested.  Legal battles are fought in court, not on the street—you cannot win a legal battle with an officer on the street.

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