Attorney Methodology

Every case begins with a thorough client interview and consultation during which case goals, expectations, and rapport is established. The next step is the investigation stage as the best defense is a great offense. Every possible document, video, note, report, and recording is reviewed to look for possible defenses and prosecutorial weaknesses. Furthermore, the firm utilizes a number of experienced experts to assist in creation of a defense theory; these experts range from private investigators, to psychologists, to polygraph experts. It is during this stage that a more formal strategy is developed.

In many cases the next phase involves “motions” to the Court to suppress, for example, illegally obtained evidence or statements made in violation of a client’s Miranda rights. Some motions may be reserved for right before trial for tactical advantage while others are filed early. Often winning an important motion will prevent the prosecutor from utilizing a critical piece of evidence and result in either a dismissal or substantial reduction in the charge.

Next is the negotiation stage with the prosecutor’s office. The negotiation stage often will disclose the prosecutor’s strategies and thoughts on the case. Typically, prosecutors will relay several plea offers to settle the case; it is at that point that additional client consultation and case valuation is discussed to determine if the best result is a plea agreement or trial.

A case proceeding to trial is tenaciously prepped. Witnesses are subpoenaed and prepared to testify, cross examination of the prosecutor’s witnesses is developed, and jury presentation arguments are crafted. Trial is truly the culmination of months of hard work and attention to detail as it all comes down to that final moment, after all the witnesses have testified, after all the evidence is in, and after the breaths of silence which precede each and every jury verdict. Guilty or Not Guilty. That is where a trial attorney earns his keep.

Recent Posts

Fired police sergeant reaches settlement with Bismarck; amount not immediately disclosed

Parties have reached a settlement in a federal lawsuit brought by a former Bismarck police sergeant who alleged gender discrimination and wrongful termination against the department and its former chief. The agreement between Robyn Krile and the Bismarck Police...

Former Highway Patrol Trooper To Plead In Sex Assault Case

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A former high-ranking North Dakota Highway Patrol trooper accused of sexual assault has agreed to a plea deal. Steven Johnson was charged in November with misdemeanor sexual assault after a woman accused of him of touching her inappropriately...

What’s a Giglio file? Police Officer Credibility & Your Rights.

Prosecutors, Police, and Defense Attorneys often talk about a "Giglio File" or a particular officer having "Giglio Issues." The term "Giglio," pronounced gig-leo, comes from the landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases Giglio v. United States, 405 U.S. 150 (1972) and Brady...

Measure 6: Best Interests of the Child vs. Rights of the Parent?

Measure 6 is a current initiative, which if approved, would create a legal presumption that each parent in a child custody case is fit to parent and that a requesting parent should receive equal residential responsibility.  That artificial presumption of fitness as a...

What to Expect When You’re Suspected of DUI

Most DUI arrests are the product of a police traffic stop.  Police need "reasonable suspicion" of a violation to stop or detain you; even the smallest violation will allow the police to stop you.  For example, around "bar close" many officers in Bismarck, Mandan, and...

The DOT Work Permit

If your license is suspended, all is not lost.  Most people are eligible for a work permit (aka restricted license) after 14 days of hard suspension if you’re on 24/7.  If you’re not on 24/7 you’re usually eligible for a work permit on a 1st DUI/Refusal offense within...

“A New Age Of Searching Student Cell Phones?”

North Dakota: The current state of cell phone searches in the school setting post-Riley SCHOOL OFFICIALS School searches by administrators must meet a two-part test. First, the search must be justified by reasonable suspicion at its inception. Second, the search must...

North Dakota Weapons Laws: A Primer

Residents of North Dakota are huge believers in gun rights and their right to bear arms.  As a North Dakota resident, our state generally does allow you to possess weapons open and concealed; however, there are guidelines which must be adhered to which may prevent you...




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